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During our initial discussion with the community at Katheka-Kai, we realized that the biggest challenge the community is facing is access to clean drinking water. Currently the only source of water is a spring, which is an un-protected area. Humans as well as animals drink water from the same source. For this reason, outbreak of water-bourne diseases is very common. This has resulted to many deaths in the village, due to the contamination at source.

Various experiments in regards to rain water harvesting are being conducted. One of them is harvesting rain water from their roof tops. The community members expressed their challenge on the cost of acquiring a water tanks.

With the support of our donors, Arise Kenya team has provided an “Interest Free Loan” to community members in Katheka-Kai.

This will benefit the community at large, as it will save them from travelling long distances to fetch water, hence saving 5 hours daily. This shall in turn enhance their productivity.

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