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Self-Help Groups or Chama cha wamama, as they are known in Kenya, are informal associations of people who choose to come together to find ways to improve their living conditions. These Chama’s help to build Social Capital among the poor, especially women. The most important functions of a Self-Help Groups are:

(a) to encourage and motivate its members to save,
(b) to persuade them to make a collective plan for generation of additional income,
(c) to act as a conduit for formal banking services to reach them.

Currently there are around 25 Chamas in Katheka-Kai.

Our volunteers Milka, Dermaris, Freeda, Shivani Chheda and Nidhi Mehta, conducted a survey with the existing Chamas.

The Arise Kenya team is working hand in hand with the community to create awareness on the various ways to deliver micro-finance services to the poor.

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