Rain water is free, harvest it!

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Jackson Mwanzia, a young farmer in Katheka-Kai, used to wait for the rains. Sometimes in vain. He aptly remembers the many seasons, he lost all his crop due to the dry weather.

This is before he dug the farm pond!

With rain water harvested, Jackson is now engaged in his farm throughout the year. The best and profitable thing about irrigated agriculture, he says, is the ability to grow all throughout the year.

“Once full, the farm pond can last me up to three months on drip irrigation. By the time the three months are over, the rainy season is already here again and therefore you don’t irrigate your farm anymore until the rains are over. That’s usually the time to replenish the farm pond in readiness for the dry season.”

The dam can store upto 30,000 Litres of water for irrigation.

The story of Jackson is proof enough of the impact rain water harvesting can have on a people.

Arise Kenya team is working hand in hand with the community to create awareness on rain water harvesting. Hoping to change the lifes of many farmers like Jackson.



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